Health and Social Care Communications Strategy

With decades of experience in the health and social care sector, Whitehouse Communications has a proven track record of success, ranging from influencing continence policy to the regulation of mental health apps. We work with a variety of healthcare perspectives, including service providers, disability charities, medical device manufacturers, and estates specialists. Our unrivalled expertise and established relationships in the sector span from government and civil service leaders to respected journalists and think tanks.

As established experts in the policy and regulation of medical technology and healthcare market access, we understand how to influence public health policy in the UK and EU by engaging with the politics and regulation affecting the sector. Our top priority is to help our clients shape the ever-evolving landscape they operate in.

We support our clients by helping them understand the EU and UK health and social care sectors, enabling them to plan and implement an effective communications strategy. Through influencing public health laws, policy frameworks, and engaging with the media in an appropriate manner, our clients can drive real change. We have assisted with various topics such as clinical outputs, commissioning, medical charity, medical devices, and infrastructure.

Our services include policy audit, analysis, and monitoring of the regulatory, policy, and political landscape, and its impact on businesses and stakeholders involved in healthcare. We also provide strategic public relations campaigns to boost visibility, knowledge, and positive sentiment towards a brand, device, procedure, or healthcare campaign. Additionally, we offer reputation management and crisis communications to identify reputational risks to a brand before they happen and expertise in managing a crisis as it unfolds.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your organisation in the health and social care sector(s), please contact us here.

Chris Whitehouse

Chris Whitehouse
Chairman & Managing Director