Cambridge Weight Plan

Raising the profile of weight management programmes with formula foods to support public health objectives.


Cambridge Weight Plan (CWP) provides flexible weight loss and weight management programmes for the overweight and obese, operating within primary and secondary care environments as well as the wider community through the commercial weight loss sector.

With more and more people categorised as overweight and obese in the UK, CWP wanted to ensure that government initiatives designed to tackle the problem were all encompassing and that different solutions for different people are readily available.

CWP also wanted to draw attention to the “therapeutic gap” that exists between simple eating advice on weight loss and invasive and expensive bariatric surgery. To do this, CWP had to ensure that officials within the NHS structures focusing on public health that were created by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act – in particular, powerful Directors of Public Health – were aware of its programmes.

Our Strategy

Whitehouse has been working with CWP to raise its profile amongst relevant politicians, civil servants and other officials at national, devolved administration and local levels through sustained and extensive programmes of political engagement and public affairs. Whitehouse has also ensured that CWP is positioned as an important voice in discussions over the development of key guidance covering obesity management and treatment that is being overseen by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Whitehouse has additionally worked with CWP to ensure that it is taking an active role in supporting charities and other bodies concerned with tackling obesity, including the National Obesity Forum.

Finally, Whitehouse has used its European contacts and public affairs experience to assist CWP with specific market access issues that have arisen in other EU Member States.


As a result of a targeted public affairs strategy and stakeholder engagement, CWP is now acknowledged as a source of expertise in the field of weight management and has an on-going dialogue with all the key decision-makers in Westminster, Whitehall, within the most relevant NHS bodies, as well as at a local level.

By engaging with this variety of bodies, Whitehouse successfully raised the profile of Cambridge and the programmes that it offers and opened up new business opportunities.

Obesity and overweight have become a political and public health issue of increasing importance in recent years. The Whitehouse Consultancy has provided excellent long-term strategic advice and guidance to ensure that our voice has been heard within the political and governmental arena, and has been instrumental both in raising our public profile and helping to resolve specific regulatory challenges when these arise