The LIFT Council

Highlighting the unique benefits brought by improvement companies to raise it above other representative bodies in Parliament.


The LIFT Council is the representative body for the private sector partners involved in the delivery of facilities through Local Improvement Finance Trusts (LIFT), a government endorsed public-private sector partnership. More than 340 facilities have been developed and more than £2 billion in investment has been secured through the LIFT model since its inception in 2001.

Our Strategy & Outcomes

From a starting point at which LIFT was often grouped together with other public-private partnership models, with its unique benefits and approach overlooked, Whitehouse has established the LIFT Council as a key voice in the development of future public sector infrastructure strategy and health services provision and facilities management. It has navigated LIFT through five prime ministers and nine health secretaries, and the numerous reforms that has entailed.

Whitehouse has maintained an ongoing programme of engagement with policy and decision makers from all political parties, government departments spanning the Department of Health and Social Care, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Treasury and others, while communicating with key stakeholders and professional bodies within the NHS and maintaining an ongoing stream of media coverage to highlight the benefits and successes of the LIFT model and ideas of the LIFT Council. Through this activity we have successfully positioned the LIFT Council not only as the voice of the industry, but as a key voice in the development of future public sector infrastructure strategy, as well as estates and facilities service provision and an integral partner of the NHS.

The work of The LIFT Council stretches across numerous policy areas and involves a broad array of both Public and Private sector stakeholders. Having a communications agency which can therefore operate fluidly across this terrain, anticipate the direction of travel and ensure we are at all times ideally placed to contribute to decisions which affect members’ interests is critical. Whitehouse has delivered this year after year and their knowledge, experience, responsiveness and positive helpful attitude has assisted us enormously.