TDMR Europe

Rebranding and rebuilding a reputable trade association.


Whitehouse runs the Secretariat of Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe (TDMR Europe) – a trade body for manufacturers and distributors of formula diet products set up to campaign for appropriate policy and legislation for slimming foods and make the case for these products as an effective means to tackle the obesity epidemic.

Our Strategy & Outcomes

Whitehouse has supported TDMR Europe with its regulatory, media and public relations activity since the Group’s launch in 2002, working to ensure a fit for purpose regulatory framework for slimming foods, contribute to the general public health debate surrounding obesity and further promote formula foods as an option to tackle obesity and related diseases.

Whitehouse has worked to shape the adoption of a number of pieces of legislation of relevance to the sector and has also led and implemented an extensive rebrand to better reflect the ethos of the organisation and run highly successful seminars, webinars and events with policymakers, academics, and nutrition and health organisations, the European Commission, EFSA and various journalists.

Through its effective engagement with policymakers and regulators, Whitehouse has helped TDMR Europe inform the review of the regulatory framework for total diet replacements (TDRs) and meal replacements (MRPs) products for weight control, managing – amongst other things – to promote appropriate classification of TDRs, and that MRPs are now regulated under EU general food law.