Food, Nutrition & Public Health Policies

The food and public health policy and regulatory landscape are currently undergoing a transformative shift. With a growing recognition of the impact that diet has on public health and the environment, there is a surge of ambitious policies and regulatory changes in the food & nutrition industry that are scheduled to be implemented across Europe. These cover many aspects of legislation: from new food labelling requirements, regulations and restrictions in the marketing and advertising of certain foods to encourage their reformulation, to stricter rules on green claims, recycling and re-use targets. Whitehouse Communications is equipped to assist you in navigating these changes and ensuring that your voice is heard in these discussions.

Our vast experience in food and nutrition policy and regulations has enabled us to lead successful campaigns on major legislative and regulatory dossiers in the EU and the UK. We help our clients contribute to high-profile European debates and become active players in the transition towards sustainable food systems.

We offer a range of political consultancy services, including policy audit, analysis, and monitoring of the regulatory, policy, and political landscape.

Our services include:

We also provide stakeholder mapping, sentiment analysis, and policy and regulatory engagement, supported by our consultants’ strong network in Brussels, the EU Member States, and the UK. Additionally, we offer corporate communication strategies, media relations, digital and reputation management, trade association management, and sustainability benchmarking with recommendations on aligning corporate plans with sustainability goals.

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Andrea Gutierrez-Solana

Andrea Gutierrez-Solana
Associate Director