Food, Nutrition and Public Health Policies

Food and nutrition policies are fast-changing and continually developing, covered by an equally fluid and complex regulatory framework. Food labelling requirements and food hygiene standards are among many of the key policy and regulations that have a direct impact on the industry and its consumers. Sustainability targets and public health issues such as obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption remain priorities for many governments, along with an increasingly urgent question of what the regulatory landscape will look like in the UK now that it has left the EU.

Whitehouse’s vast experience in food and nutrition policy and regulations has enabled us to run successful campaigns on major legislative and regulatory dossiers discussed with European institutions, its Member States and the UK. We ensure our clients continually contribute to high-profile European public health debates, including obesity and the ‘sugar tax’, and are active players in the transition towards sustainable food systems.

Services Whitehouse offers include:

  • Policy audit, analysis and monitoring of the regulatory, policy and political landscape and its impact on food business operators, including the European Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.
  • Stakeholder mapping, sentiment analysis and engagement covering the European Union institutions, the European Food Safety Authority, CODEX Alimentarius, the Joint Research Centre as well as national competent authorities and enforcement bodies – supported by our consultants strong network in the sector in Brussels, the EU Member States and the UK
  • Integrated campaigns across public affairs, corporate communications, media relations, digital and reputation management
  • Trade associations management
  • Sustainability benchmarking and recommendations on how to align corporate plans with sustainability goals

The Whitehouse Food and Nutrition policy team issues a monthly roundup of the latest policy and regulatory developments in the food and nutrition sector, helping organisations understand and shape the future of sustainable food systems. You can subscribe to the Monthly Munch here.

Viviana Spaghetti

Viviana Spaghetti
COO & Head of European Affairs