Bringing together the voices of policymakers, patients and industry in parliament

UTA Parliamentary reception 2023

Whitehouse acts as Secretariat for, and provides public affairs to, the UTA. As part of the UTA’s public affairs work, the UTA organises an annual reception in parliament to discuss the current challenges and opportunities affecting the urology sector. Following the pandemic hiatus, these receptions are a fantastic opportunity to bring key stakeholders together to discuss the policy environment and spread awareness of the issues of real concern to our clients.

For the past two years, the UTA have hosted this reception jointly with The Urology Foundation, which is the only UK charity dedicated to all urological diseases. The theme of this year’s reception was: Keeping patient choice at the heart of NHS and MedTech reform. This year’s reception was an overwhelming success: attracting an audience of over 70 people, including parliamentarians, clinicians, industry members and patient representatives.

Whitehouse has years of experience in organising these events, which includes securing high-profile speakers and attendees, and ensuring that our clients are involved at every stage of the process.


The Urology Trade Association (UTA) was set up in 2007 with the overriding aim to protect and promote the Drug Tariff as the preferred mechanism to support research, innovation and development in the urology industry. The urology industry is one of the largest health product suppliers to patients, via the NHS. Demand for urological products is expected to rise over the next decade, in part because of the UK’s ageing population, and the bladder and bowel complications which may develop as people get older.