Join a team who cares about you just as much as the causes we support.

Whitehouse is built on inquisitive and creative people.

We are always on the lookout for talent and we offer our team a supportive and cooperative environment where asking questions is a sign of strength.

What’s good about working at Whitehouse? We look after each other, strive to promote an inclusive and diverse environment and invest in continuous professional training and development.

Our people share the same values: we are ambitious, inquisitive, energising and united. We learn from each other and every single person makes an impact.

I joined Whitehouse in August 2020 and it’s a very special group of people who can make you feel welcome even while everyone is working from home! Colleagues are always happy to provide guidance and advice and everyone is encouraged to contribute in discussions, regardless of seniority.

As a junior member of the team I have been given lots of responsibility combined with plenty of support which has really allowed me to push myself at work. There is never a dull moment and I’ve been privileged to work with clients from around the world on a wide variety of issues, encountering new ideas and people which I might never have come across otherwise.

There is always so much going on at Whitehouse. I’ve learnt a lot about campaigning, engaging with parliament, the media, how to influence the news agenda and being a part of a strong team. I’ve also been lucky to work on our human rights clients and within the fast-paced pro-democracy movement, which is fascinating and always keeps us on our toes. The diverse work never gets boring and you’re able to branch out into the areas you enjoy most.

Whitehouse also has a lovely social side. Even throughout the pandemic, we’ve had fortnightly deliveroo lunches, quizzes, socials and little surprises through the post to keep us all motivated and as positive as it’s possible to be.

Whitehouse is a truly unique agency full of talented, curious and hardworking consultants. The collaborative and supportive working culture is unlike any I’ve been part of before. Whitehouse’s strong emphasis on learning and development encouraged my personal and professional growth, for which I will be forever thankful. In a small but highly-skilled and varied team, Whitehouse offers endless opportunities to learn from colleagues and to improve as a communications professional.

I only joined a few weeks ago but I must say I have already learned so much! Everyone made me feel right at home, even after moving to an entirely new city. Due to the team’s high level of expertise, I could hit the ground running due to exceptional on-boarding practices. I appreciate the emphasis of maintaining a work-life balance and mechanisms to cope with having to work from home. I can truly sense that my voice is being heard in client and team meetings, which makes me feel like a valued member of the team.

It can be an intimidating prospect to move workplaces in the middle of a global pandemic, but Whitehouse’s proactive onboarding process has been brilliant. I’ve never experienced the levels of employee welfare investment Whitehouse has exhibited. Not only can I work on highly creative campaigns to help make a positive difference in the world, but I can do so in the comforting knowledge that I’m working for a company which truly cares about their team.

Working at Whitehouse has given me the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and clients, spanning across a variety of relevant policy areas. This has helped develop my expertise of the UK’s political landscape, preparing me for exciting and varied challenges on a daily basis. Working with an intelligent, enthusiastic, and committed team has meant that I am constantly developing new skills that will be useful throughout my career.

Starting a new job remotely was a scary thought, but from recruitment through to onboarding, everyone at Whitehouse made me feel very welcome and made the process as smooth as possible! I love how despite the difficult circumstances, the company puts a lot of effort into organising social events and keeping morale high. It’s made remote-working much easier than I thought it would be.

Working at Whitehouse for the past 1.5 years has been a very rewarding and exciting experience. I felt integrated and stimulated to grow since the very first day and have thoroughly enjoyed working for some of our main clients in the food and nutrition sector and in the digital sphere. The team spirit, even when working remotely, is also what makes working at Whitehouse great. We have a rather young and international team which works together with enthusiasm and which is fully committed to always go the extra mile for our clients. I think this is what makes us unique and makes me proud of working at Whitehouse!