Creative Industries, digital policy and connectivity

Whitehouse Communications is deeply involved in shaping creative industries policy, working closely with UK and EU policymakers and politicians for decades. Our particular areas of expertise include media regulation and culture, and how these impact public policy. We work with a diverse range of clients, from major broadcasters to small local charities looking to improve culture in their communities. We also have the privilege of acting as Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Media Group, which brings together parliamentarians from across the political spectrum to discuss key issues related to the media industry.

One of our most important partners in the digital space is Policy Impact Partners (PIP), a global consultancy focused on digital connectivity policy in the EU and beyond. We provide PIP with a range of services, including monitoring regulatory developments in satellite policy worldwide and tracking media and regulatory developments related to spectrum issues. PIP’s clients include some of the world’s leading internet companies and space connectivity innovators.

At Whitehouse Communications, our team of policy experts delve into regulatory areas such as space, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, radio spectrum, and connectivity to support our clients in navigating these complex and rapidly-evolving fields.

We offer a variety of services, including policy audits, analysis, and monitoring of the regulatory, policy, and political landscape; secretariat services and event management; strategic public relations campaigns to enhance an organisation’s visibility and public perception; and reputation management and crisis communications to proactively identify and manage reputational risks.

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Laura Contin

Laura Contin
Associate Director