Creating original research and insights for a digital giant to navigate the future of environmental law across Europe.


World leading digital giant, Google, commissioned Whitehouse to undertake a major research project comprehensively to assemble a database of the current state of policy and regulation on a complex area of environmental and energy law, and to predict future developments in the sector, to inform its senior management’s analysis and decisions in relation to future infrastructure investment plans.

Our strategy

Whitehouse’s approach was to be thorough, methodical and comprehensive in our research; always meticulously going back to authoritative source material (not media or other reports or summaries). We painstakingly compiled a database of rules, policies and regulations in all 28 (then) Member States of the European Union, and considered also the recently developed regulatory measures on energy and the environment brought forward by the institutions of the European Union. We undertook informal interviews with senior figures in Brussels and around Europe, prior to compiling an authoritative report which was the most substantial document yet prepared on the issues under examination, and presented it and its important conclusions to senior figures within Google.


As a result of the Whitehouse Team’s work, Google were left with a solid evidence base from which its senior managers could extrapolate to predict future political, regulatory and legislative developments better to inform their business decisions.