Competition, consumer protection, investing & pensions

Regulatory and policy changes can fundamentally impact how a business operates. Whitehouse has experience supporting clients focussed on protecting and promoting competition; preserving consumers from harmful business practices or policy changes; and working with charities and NGOs to source funding from government for their operations.

We also support businesses with their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), helping them measure their sustainability and decide how to communicate efforts to internal and external stakeholders.

Whitehouse has supported clients including Ombudsman Services, Holland & Barrett and the LIFT Council with this work.

On pension policy, Whitehouse Communications partners with Shula PR and Policy, reuniting Darren Philp, Shula’s founder, and Whitehouse’s Director of EU Affairs and Public Policy, Andy Tarrant, as a deeply experienced policy team.

Andy Tarrant

Andy Tarrant
Director of EU Affairs and Public Policy