All-Party Parliamentary Media Group

Re-awakening a dwindling parliamentary group to lead thought-provoking conversations in the world of media.


The All-Party Parliamentary Media Group is a forum for discussion within Parliament on public policy as it affects the media sector. Its membership is drawn from all political parties and both Houses of Parliament. It meets regularly to receive an address and have discussions with key players from the media industry, its regulatory agencies, and government ministers.

Our Strategy & Outcomes

Whitehouse successfully positioned the Media Group from the outset as the pre-eminent forum within Parliament for the discussion of public policy on the media.

The Whitehouse team provides an efficient and professional secretariat that is completely impartial to all party political considerations and all interests within the industry, and organises a programme of regular meetings for the Group as well as a series of policy breakfasts, including an annual reception attended and addressed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

The Media Group is now acknowledged as a leading forum for discussion in Parliament and its work is sponsored several of the media sector’s key players. The work of the Media Group also gave rise to the now-independent Westminster Media Forum which organises regular keynote national seminars on important developments in media policy.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Media is an efficiently-run and successful organisation, which provides a critical interface between parliament, the media sector and key industry stakeholders. It makes a valuable contribution to raising the quality of debate on media policy in Parliament and is greatly valued both by ministers and industry.