Public Affairs Training Case Study – I Have A Voice CIC

Whitehouse Communications recognises that public affairs is a sector that often favours the views and experiences of privileged groups in society. We believe that it is our responsibility as a progressive public affairs consultancy to help to diversify our industry.

Our company believes that as many individuals from as many diverse backgrounds as possible should have the opportunity to work within politics and policy, and to feel encouraged to use their voices to bring about much needed change.

As part of Whitehouse’s commitment to diversifying our industry, our colleagues at Whitehouse designed and delivered a Public Affairs Training Session for young people as part of the I Have a Voice programme. I Have A Voice’s mission is to engage individuals from every background with politics, educate them on the political system to increase political literacy, and empower them to speak up and make an impact.

The interactive session focused on teaching attendees – comprising school leavers and university students – how to build their own political campaigns, taking into consideration key steps used in political campaigns such as parliamentary audits, stakeholder mapping and messaging development.

The group also had the opportunity to explore several different case studies, showcasing the breadth of tasks and campaigns a person working in public affairs may undertake. We ended the session with a group discussion about different pathways into public affairs and what it is like to work in the sector.

Whitehouse Communications was delighted to have the opportunity to work with such brilliant and bright minds – and we look forward to seeing what they do next!


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