With our trainings, we ensure that your team and key spokespeople are armed with the very best knowledge and training to navigate the policy and media landscapes.

At Whitehouse, we offer a range of training services including:

  • EU public affairs training
  • UK public affairs training
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications training

Each training session is bespoke and tailored to suit your needs.

With our public affairs trainings, we provide you and your team with an in-depth knowledge of the institutions and agencies responsible for regulating your sector, how they work together and the policy process both in the EU and the UK. Only by making sense of what goes on, who is driving policy, and the regulatory and policy framework affecting a sector, can organisations properly engage and achieve their objectives. Our trainings also look at how UK organisations can continue to engage with the EU in the post-Brexit world. In our EU public affairs trainings, we will also provide you with the tools to build an effective public affairs and communications strategy in your sector to influence EU decision making.

With our media training services, we work with you to truly understand the types of media you will be working with – from phone interviews to television appearances. We explore the different messages and tones required for different outlets and, crucially, what journalists are looking for in a story. With plenty of practice runs, our clients leave finish confident that they can talk to the media and really get their key message across.

When it comes to a crisis, preparation is key – in fast-moving times, you need to be ready to handle it before it even happens. Our crisis communications training covers processes and escalation routes, how to craft a media response and the key do’s and don’ts in order to safeguard your business for the future.

All our trainings are flexible and practical, see examples of our work in our case studies page and get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. 

The majority of our trainings will run virtually in 2021.

Laura Contin

Laura Contin
Account Director