PR & Media Training & Preparation

We believe our clients are the best informed, most passionate spokespeople for their sector and issues. But this knowledge and enthusiasm does not automatically make anyone a powerful advocate. We provide training to our clients that prepares them for media interviews, stakeholder and political engagement, and giving evidence to parliamentary committees that enable our clients to make their case in the most constructive and informative way.

PR & Media Training

Being interviewed – particularly on television or radio – can be a daunting experience and can sometimes inhibit a spokesperson from delivering their key messages or giving the best representation of their organisation.

We provide our clients with bespoke training that helps them prepare and get the most out of interviews by improving their understanding of the needs of journalists and how they can best convey their key messages. We also make sure our clients put this theory into practice with mock interviews based on the realistic scenarios they might face, followed by a comprehensive feedback process.

Select Committee Training

Giving evidence to a select committee is demanding, has the potential to attract media attention, and requires comprehensive planning and preparation in order to answer MPs’ questions authoritatively and comprehensively. Poor performances in front of Select Committees can affect an organisation’s reputation amongst policy makers and its wider stakeholders.

We provide our clients with tailored and comprehensive training that gives them an introduction to the content and style of the committee sessions they will participate in. This allows them to prepare for the types of questions they will face, and to perform better and with greater confidence.

European Union Training

The European Union is a complex system of co-operating and sometimes competing institutions that seek to knit together twenty-eight very different Member States with twenty-eight different points of view. This often messy union is also responsible for setting the legislative and regulatory framework within which businesses in a vast range of sectors must operate in. More than that, it is a single market of hundreds of millions of potential consumers offering businesses great opportunities for growth. Understanding the EU is absolutely vital.

We provide our clients with an accessible, personalised course that help them understand these law-making institutions – the Commission, the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and many others. We do not just give our clients a whistle-stop tour of the EU’s institutional architecture, but explain to clients how they can influence this law-making process to protect their business from threats and take advantage of opportunities.

We tailor our training to meet the needs of individual organisations – outlining what legislation will affect them and how. Our experienced consultants, many of whom have worked within EU institutions, provide a unique perspective of engagement with the European Union and individual Member States.

The Whitehouse Consultancy has delivered training sessions to a range of different audiences, from companies within an EU-wide trade association to MA Politics students at a leading UK University.

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