Reputation Management Training

Reputation Management is a battlefield that is constantly shifting in both the digital and physical worlds. We believe in empowering our clients to take permanent control of their reputation.

Your Reputation Management Strategy

In the digital world, what people say about your organisation matters. In fact, it can be one of the biggest influences on the success of your organisation and its potential for growth. Our reputation management training covers navigating your sector, establishing trends to prepare for potential problems, crafting the right media response and crucial advice in order to safeguard your business for the future.

Our reputation management training provides you with the necessary tools and strategies to handle both bad and good press swiftly. Whitehouse’s team of experts can help devise a reputation management strategy tailored to your businesses needs. We also offer extensive media training, scenario plans, reactive messaging, statement drafting, crisis media relations and social media best practice.

Our Approach to Reputation Management

“All publicity is good publicity”, but is this accurate? We believe that the reputation of your business is the foundation of success, building loyalty with your clients and/or customers is significant in today’s world. It is natural for the reputation of your business to change as your organisation grows and we are committed to helping you create effective messaging that accurately reflects your values.

Our approach to reputation management looks at strategies for both internal and external communications with all your stakeholders through to government relationships. It spans the suite of communications disciplines from message preparation and counsel, emergency press team, social media management, stakeholder and government relations. We also adapt your strategy for political monitoring, internal communications, media training and future proofing your crisis communications strategy.

We help hone your organisation’s messages to ensure relevancy to each audience they address, training them if necessary, to ensure they perform to the best of their ability. We believe our clients are their own best spokespeople and our strategies are based on ensuring we are addressing the relevant decision makers. Our goal is to convey the most effective messages in a constructive way that has clearly defined results and follow up activities, and that aligns with the political and policy priorities of the policy makers you wish to influence.

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