Research, insight and market access

Our services are driven by the understanding that effective research and insight are fundamental to creating well-informed and timely campaigns, help you to identify the best routes to market and achieving the best outcomes.

We conduct primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative research into policy, programmes, and key stakeholders across the public and private sectors at local, national and European levels, to ensure our clients stay one step ahead in their understanding of changes to their sector and the wider political landscape. We also offer policy audits, due diligence reports, risk management proposals, and recommendations for clients on areas of potential growth.

In addition to intelligence gathering, we offer tailored analysis and strategic counsel to enable you to capitalise on opportunities or mitigate risks, providing them with a competitive advantage in being able to proactively engage with a policy issue while the political and media agenda is being set, rather than playing catch up.

We are aware that the markets that most organisations work within can be enormously affected by the political environment and changes in policy, which can present both opportunities and threats. To ensure you can maximise your market share and grow your organisation in a positive and carefully planned way, Whitehouse provides you with a robust evidence base to inform and assess the viability of entry into the other markets. We also help you understand opportunities for expanding market share, consider best available routes to market entry and be cognisant of threats – regulatory and otherwise. Finally, we ensure that you are aware of key procurement rules and stakeholders as a means of fostering positive engagement.

The Whitehouse team has formidable knowledge of the policymaking processes of Westminster, the devolved institutions, local government, and the European Union. We continuously and rigorously monitor the activities of these bodies and the work of departments, agencies, non-governmental bodies, think tanks, and the media to gain early insight into political developments and understand their impact on our clients’ objectives.

Max Wilson

Max Wilson