Public and Media Relations Services

A presence in the media is vital to raising awareness of your organisation’s position and views, gaining public and political support, building and promoting your brand or product and keeping your public image unsullied. Therefore it is important to have a strong media and public relations strategy in place to prepare for any challenges you may face.

Whitehouse knows that, done properly, public relations is a powerful tool that plays a significant part in helping you to achieve your objectives.

We believe in advising our clients so that they can become public relations specialists themselves, by actively making news rather than passively responding to it. A reactive approach is the foundation of all our public relations campaigns and strategies. We work with our clients to create campaigns with authentic voices that generate positive public communication with their respective audiences.

Alongside our commitment to creating media opportunities proactively, our specialists are rigorous in our media monitoring and analysis to ensure that you are engaging fully with the news agenda and are taking advantage of every possible media opportunity. Through this we ensure that you are conveying information that is useful for journalists and provides a mechanism to communicate your messages. We befriend journalists, and in return, make them our clients’ friends.

We are not just another PR firm. Instead, we offer the full scope of PR and digital communications services and are firm believers of the added value of social media to a client strategy. We can be the eyes, ears and voice of your company online 24/7 and can advise you on the best way to raise brand awareness, deliver traffic to your website and increase your online stakeholder engagement.

Lee Whitehill

Lee Whitehill
Director of Communications