UK Public Affairs Training

Our approach to public affairs is based on the idea that effective engagement in politics should be based on what you know, not who you know.

UK Public Affairs Experts

Our specialised UK public affairs training courses and workshops are led by Whitehouse experts. We aim to equip your team and key spokespeople with the very best knowledge and training to navigate the UK media landscape.

Whitehouse Communications will provide you and your team with an in-depth knowledge of the institutions and agencies responsible for regulating your sector, how they work together and the policy process in the UK. To generate change, companies have to understand who is driving policy and the regulatory and policy frameworks affecting their sector, so that they can deliver the correct messaging and achieve their objectives.

Our Approach to Public Affairs

Our public affairs strategies use an intellectually rigorous process and our experience of every level of EU, national and local government to ensure your organisation is making effective arguments. Whilst also presenting solutions that will strike a chord with decision makers in Brussels, Westminster, Whitehall, local government, and the devolved city region.

The foundation of our work features comprehensive research, public policy and political risk analysis, political monitoring, and forecasting of the political environment – be it in Brussels, the United Kingdom or globally. We identify who can best influence the changes you wish to see and how best to inform their decision-making process.

We help focus your organisation’s messages to ensure relevancy to each audience they address, training them if necessary, to ensure they perform to the best of their ability. We believe our clients are their own best spokespeople and our strategies are based on ensuring we are addressing the relevant decision makers. Our goal is to convey the most effective messages in a constructive way that has clearly defined results and follow up activities, whilst aligning with the political and policy priorities of the policy makers you wish to influence.

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