EU Public Affairs Training

Our approach to public affairs is based on the idea that effective engagement in politics should be based on what you know, not who you know.

EU Public Affairs Experts

Our specialised EU public affairs training courses and workshops are led by Whitehouse experts. We aim to equip your team and key spokespeople with the very best knowledge and training to navigate the EU policy and media landscape.

Whitehouse Communications will provide you and your team with an in-depth knowledge of the institutions and agencies responsible for regulating your sector, how they work together and the policy process in the EU. To effect change, companies have to understand who is driving policy and the regulatory and policy frameworks affecting their sector, so that they can deliver the correct messaging and achieve their objectives.

Post-Brexit Public Affairs

Our EU public affairs training specifically looks at how to engage with the EU in the post-Brexit world. We provide you with the tools to build an effective communications strategy in your sector to influence EU decision making.

Our Approach to European Public Affairs

It is crucial to have public affairs strategies in place that are able to adapt to each level of government. You wouldn’t have the same solution when speaking to a national government as you would a local, it can be difficult to differentiate between frameworks, which is where we come in. Our extensive experience means we are able to help you create precise strategies that will communicate your message effectively to the right audience.

As you might imagine, our work begins with comprehensive research. It is important to understand the needs of your business and your business’s sector before we begin creating a bespoke strategy for you. With political monitoring and forecasting, as well as risk analysis we can help identify the best places to target to create change. We will not only help create a message that is reflective of your tone of voice, but we will also train your employees to not only write but think in this style. You know yourself better than anyone else, but sometimes it can be difficult to phrase your goals in the right way. Collaboration is key. Through regular communication, adaptation and reporting we can help you rebuild your EU public affairs strategy from the ground up.

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