Whitehouse Communications expands its Public Affairs & Political Communications training courses ahead of upcoming legislative changes under the EU Green Deal

With significant changes to EU legislation foreseen throughout 2022 in a number of sectors, Whitehouse Communications has renovated its tailored EU Public Affairs training and education offer to provide organisations with the relevant know-how, strategies and practical tools to understand, navigate and shape the legislation that affects them.  

With the EU working to overhaul existing legislation and introduce new provisions under the umbrella of its European Green Deal, Whitehouse has responded to the growing needs of organisations looking to safeguard their future with an updated EU Public Affairs training offer. The training courses will offer a clear understanding of the EU institution’s roles, competencies and decision-making mechanisms, and practical tips on how to partake in emerging debates, seize upon new commercial opportunities and maintain a voice in the European political and policy area.  

Viviana Spaghetti, Head of European Affairs & COO at Whitehouse who recently moderated an event on the Do’s and Don’ts of lobbying in Brussels, said: “Brussels’ policy-making process is often perceived as complex and out of reach, yet positive engagement with legislators is key for any organisation wanting to drive policy and legislative change. With our practical training, we seek to equip organisations of all sizes with the knowledge and skills to have their views considered. With Brexit continuing to have a direct impact on trade and business, the UK’s third country status adds another layer to the political complexities.” 

As part of the Whitehouse public affairs training programme, which can be delivered virtually or in person, Whitehouse’s experts will share practical advice on how to build and execute impactful communications and public affairs strategies, based on clear UK & EU case studies. Organisations or individuals interested in the training can find out more information HERE or should contact Laura Contin (laura.contin@whitehousecomms.com) to get a personalised offer. 

Patrick Heskins, Chief Executive of the British Aerosol Manufacturers Association said: “Whitehouse was tasked with providing an overview on EU policy-making, to enable our corporate members to grasp the basics of effective lobbying. They worked with us to understand the needs of our audience and delivered a two-day course which was relevant in content, well-structured and rich in practical examples…We cannot but praise their professionalism.”  

For more information, please contact Laura Contin:  

E: laura.contin@whitehousecomms.com  

M: +44 7393 649765 


About Whitehouse Communications 

With years of experience working with regulators in Brussels, Whitehouse Communications is able to share their expertise to coach and train businesses across a variety of sectors and industries. While Whitehouse has built excellence in the food, nutrition and public health sectors, its experience expands to the sustainability policy field, as well as to the ICT creative industries and chemicals sector.