Enterprise Car Club and Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Promoting the financial and environmental benefits of a vehicular club to a targeted local government audience.


Enterprise Car Club and Enterprise Rent A Car are part of Enterprise Holdings which is the largest car rental service provider in the world operating in more than 90 countries and employing close to 100,000 people. As part of a new environmental initiative, Enterprise Car Club wanted to promote car clubs to local authorities across the country with the objective of replacing local government grey fleet (vehicles privately owned by employees or via an employee ownership scheme) with car club vehicles.

Our Strategy & Outcomes

In order to help Enterprise’s market access communications, Whitehouse identified a cross-sector map of stakeholders who would be able to influence local authorities, particularly in the areas of budget, environment, transport and sustainability policy. We created content in the form of briefings targeted at these groups highlighting the £786 million spent on grey fleet travel and the 47,000 tonnes of CO2 produced as well as highlighting the air quality impact that using an ageing fleet of private vehicles produces.


Whitehouse then organised a series of meetings with stakeholders across government, parliament and local authorities, including at a high-level roundtable at the Conservative Party Conference, which highlighted the benefits to local authorities from those already using car clubs.


As a result of Whitehouse’s work, Enterprise Car Club increased its take up with local authorities and developed a network of political supporters who could promote the benefits of car clubs to fellow councillors and politicians.

Whitehouse Communications was a valued and trusted partner.  They helped us gain access to influential members of both local and central government and used their knowledge to guide us through important legislative changes that would impact our business and, where possible, helped to ensure our that voice was heard