Whitehouse One of UK’s Top PR Agencies for Equal Pay

Whitehouse Communications has been named one of the UK’s top PR agencies for equal pay, according to the latest reports from PRWeek.

Investigating gender and ethnicity pay gaps throughout the industry, PRWeek reached out to agencies across the country with a call out for data. As an agency specialising in human rights, Whitehouse happily provided PRWeek with a breakdown of salaries across the company. We are delighted that we scored 100/100 in gender pay equality and 92/100 in ethnicity, placing us 5th in the country overall.

Beating many other larger companies, Whitehouse is incredibly proud to be leading the way in closing historic pay gaps to make the sector a fair and inclusive space. With 52% of female staff and 19% BME, the figures are a true reflection of the company’s values.

On the issue of the ethnicity pay gap, COO Viviana Spaghetti commented: “There’s no doubt about it, PR and public affairs have issues with racial representation. We need to change the image of the sector and do more to not have it gatekept as the career choice for the privileged few. This has to start early – we work pro bono with inner city schools to teach kids about the world of politics and media, to spark that initial interest and help pupils from diverse backgrounds see it as a viable career aspiration.”

“While we’re proud that women earn above-average salaries for the company at all levels,” she adds on gender equality, “We must remember that the pay gap is a symptom of a wider equality issue which we can never stop proactively fighting. Agencies need to focus on building a psychologically safe space where women feel confident to speak up about inequality or injustice – and this can only be achieved if policies on issues such as flexible working, sick days and maternity leave are created to truly support women.”

Whitehouse will continue to place diversity and equality at the heart of its recruitment and operational procedures, to create a workplace that is not only diverse on paper but a place where diversity can thrive and lead.

If you’re looking to work with an agency that is committed to diversity, get in touch with our team today.

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