EU-China deal “entrenching Europe’s strategic dependency on China”

Whitehouse Chairman, Chris Whitehouse, is one of over 100 China experts and human rights campaigners and public figures who have published an in-depth statement which decries the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) as being based on a “naïve” set of assumptions and “entrenching Europe’s strategic dependency on China.”

Chris, who has backed the statement in the capacity that The Whitehouse Consultancy are political consultants to Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong, says: “The sentiments which led to the content of the proposed agreement are frankly out of date. Under the current President, China’s Communist Party has taken a wrong path, with genocide against the Uighurs, organ harvesting of the Falun Gong, and stamping out democracy in Hong Kong with an iron heel, flouting international laws which it has itself chosen to accept, along the way.

“Rightly, members of the European Parliament are looking askance at what the Commission is seeking to agree with China, and we hope that commonsense will prevail and the CAI will be substantially rewritten to emphasise human rights before the Parliament is asked to endorse it.”

Further information on the statement can be found here.

The Whitehouse Consultancy also provide the Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong.

Political Campaigns

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