Nobel nominee Grandma Wong rearrested in Hong Kong

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Alexandra “Grandma” Wong has been rearrested in Hong Kong on suspicion of “obstructing police officers in the execution of their duties” after she was found holding up a sign at a pedestrian crossing in Tseung Kwan O.


Lord [David] Alton of Liverpool, the British lawmaker who recently nominated Grandma Wong for the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the Westminster-based All-Party Parliamentary Hong Kong Group, says:

“Grandma Wong’s extraordinary courage mirrors that of the solitary protestor who valiantly stood in front of the Chinese Communist Party tanks during the Tiananmen Square massacre. You might crush an individual but not the things for which they stand. Their defiant courage ensures that their ideas never die. Such heroes and heroines take on awesome odds but in the fullness of time the brute force of Goliath will prove to be no match for the values represented by Grandma Wong –   liberty, justice, democracy, and humanity.”

Whitehouse Consultancy Chairman, Chris Whitehouse, political advisor to Fight for Freedom Stand with Hong Kong which helped compile the dossier for the Nobel nomination, added:

“In Grandma Wong, we have a noble bearer of the torch of freedom. May its bright light continue to shine giving hope to the oppressed people of Hong Kong as the iron heel of Chinese Communist tyranny seeks to crush their spirit, their freedoms, and their very liberty.”

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