Dominic Cummings, will he stay or will he go?

Whilst China stamps on human rights and smashes up the rule of international law in relation to Hong Kong, the biggest global development since covid-19 first jumped species into humans, the Westminster media remain obsessed with the family life of one advisor to the Prime Minister.

What’s the best way for the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to get through this? It’s time for a short tap into the long grass with a referral of the matter to Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, to investigate the allegations and produce a prompt report with clear conclusions and recommendations. Only then can the Prime Minister be seen to have taken an impartial decision, unclouded in his judgement by his clear respect for, friendship with and political reliance upon Cummings.

Personally, I see that Cummings has done nothing wrong, though I suspect that sooner or later he will choose to go for the sake of his own sanity and the welfare of his family; another victim of the baying blood-lust of the sneering media elite in their Westminster bubble who have never forgiven him for his success with the Brexit campaign.

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