Boris Johnson: he’s still “our” bumbling toff

Boris Johnson will win the next general election for the Conservatives, because one alternative, as it dawns on voters, will strike terror into their hearts.

As I predicted previously, and consistently, there is nothing in the results of the local government elections to precipitate the resignation or removal of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Even the sneering London media elite have acknowledged that.

Indeed, given there’s been a Conservative Prime Minister now for over a decade, given we’ve been through an at times shambolic pandemic, given consistent media obsession with who ate cake and drank warm prosecco at which Downing Street gatherings, and given the cost of living crisis, the results of the polls can be seen as really not at all bad for Boris.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to bounce higher

London boroughs fall

More London boroughs fell to Labour, which is a loss of face for the Conservatives, but hardly a surprise given voters there have been strongly and persistently against the Brexit that Boris delivered. And for those old enough to remember Neil Kinnock’s premature gloating at the Sheffield rally in 1992, a week ahead of the general election, and the impact it had on voters, the broadcast of triumphalist chunks of Kier Starmer and Angela Rayner might cause them to feel that flirting with Labour in mid-term elections, or simply staying at home, are not wise strategies for the next general election whenever it might come.

To some, Boris Johnson may appear a bumbling toff, but to many who backed him at the last general election he’s still ‘our’ bumbling toff, who delivered Brexit, got us through the pandemic [somehow], and who now strides the global stage generating support for beleaguered Ukraine in its defence against the evils being perpetrated upon its people by Vladimir Putin’s Russian armed forces.

The alternative is terrifying

Whether I personally like Boris Johnson or agree with his policies is not the point. My prediction is that he will lead the Conservative Party into the next general election. And, whilst a week remains a long time in politics, there’s every chance he will win it – not least because one possible alternative scenario, that the next government might be a Labour/Scots Nationalist coalition, should strike terror into electoral hearts throughout the United Kingdom.

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