Sustainability in sports nutrition: Whitehouse discusses key market and regulatory considerations in leading trade magazine

In an insightful article featured in the August issue of Health Food Business Magazine, a leading trade title for the food industry, Whitehouse explains the benefits for sports nutrition companies focusing on sustainable ingredients and delves into the EU legislation on sustainable food manufacture.

Sustainable production combined with innovation is key to increasing market access, and a company that successfully showcases its eco-friendly values secures consumers’ and policy-makers’ trust. Today, consumers are interested in food products that will benefit both the planet and their health. As the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has recently highlighted, plant-based diets are on the rise throughout Europe and the wider world, and nearly a third of all Europeans are significantly reducing the amount of meat and animal products they consume.

With the industry investing more on sustainability, the EU regulations we should be engaging with are the Food Information and the Health and Nutrition Claims. The European Commission aims to amend these regulations within its proposal on the Farm to Fork Strategy, which envisions a framework for certification and labelling on the sustainability performance of food products, to allow operators to benefit from sustainable practices and progressively raise sustainability standards. Equally crucial is the European Parliament’s draft report on the Farm to Fork Strategy, on which there will be a vote soon and which highlights the importance of alternative sources of protein and plant-based production.

As a report by the food division of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology shows, COVID-19 has changed the mindset of food consumers, who are now more interested in healthy and environmentally friendly products. This development is a unique opportunity for the sports nutrition industry; there is great potential for businesses in the sector to grow, introducing in the market innovative products that respect consumers’ environmental values and support them in leading healthy and active lifestyles. Similarly, engaging with policymaking goes hand in hand, and staying up to date on related regulations and securing appropriate legislation is, and always will be key.

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