Where’s the NHS going? Whitehouse reports

Following the launch of the blueprint for NHS reform on 11th February, the proposed shake-up of the health service and social care has been hotly discussed both within Parliament and in the media.

The Whitehouse Consultancy’s respected health policy team has published the next fortnightly update capturing recent activity and discussions on NHS reform, and looking ahead to upcoming parliamentary and stakeholder events on the future of the NHS.

This week’s report can be found here.

The White Paper is here.

Information about the Whitehouse NHS reform webinar, Delivering for Patients, is here.

The webinar will feature contributions from David Hare, Chief Executive, the Independent Healthcare Providers Network; Robert Ede, Head of health social care policy, at prominent think tank, Policy Exchange; and Sharon Brennan, Senior correspondent, NHS reform, at the leading sector publication, Health Service Journal. It will be presented by Whitehouse’s own Chair and Director of Health and social care policy, Chris Whitehouse.

Political consultancy

The Whitehouse team are experts in providing public affairs, consultancy advice and political analysis to a wide range of clients engaging with health and social care providers and policy makers, not only in the United Kingdom, but also across the member states of the European Union and beyond. For more information, please contact our Chairman and Director of Health and Social Care Policy, Chris Whitehouse, at chris.whitehouse@whitehousecomms.com.

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