Delivering for Patients: An NHS and social care revolution in England online

Whitehouse Director of Health and Social Care, Chris Whitehouse, is to host a high level webinar with some of the UK leading health policy experts. It will examine the future direction of travel for the NHS and social care in England and Wales.

Joining Whitehouse will be Robert Ede, Head of Health and Social Care, Policy Exchange; David Hare, Chief Executive, Independent Healthcare Providers Network; and Sharon Brennan, Journalist leading on NHS reform at the Health Service Journal.

Delivering for Patients: An NHS and social care revolution in England.

1.00-2.00pm, Wednesday 10th March 2021.

Zoom: register.

The webinar will explore the Government’s most significant shake-up in health and social care policy since the Lansley reforms. The discussion will explore the practical implications of the proposed legislation. We will consider change means for NHS providers, the future of public-private partnership, and, crucially, whether the reforms will improve the patient experience.

Chris Whitehouse, Chairman & Director of Health Policy at the Whitehouse Consultancy, will be leading the discussion and sharing his expertise in health public affairs. Chris has served as chair of several trade associations of independent providers to the NHS, including the LIFT Council, and has run the secretariat of several others, including the Urology Trade Association and the British Health Care Association.

Chris Whitehouse says the webinar will “bring together experts in health and social care policy to make sense of these far-reaching reforms and their practical implications. It is a must see for those interested in NHS reform. We hope you join us for what promises to be a most interesting event”.

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Chris Whitehouse, Chairman of The Whitehouse Consultancy Ltd.

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