Smoking kills nearly as many as Covid

We all have the opportunity to tell government what we think about existing regulation of tobacco products through a new consultation launched by the Department of Health and Social Care [DHSC].

Britain no longer has to comply with the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive and there is  opportunity to consider further regulatory changes to help people quit smoking and stop harm from tobacco. Any changes, Government says, will be based on evidence in the interests of public health.

Smoking kills

Smoking is still the largest single cause of avoidable deaths in the United Kingdom even with COVID ramping up the national death rate. Smoking kills 78,000 people a year, and many who have died from Covid were vulnerable through other smoking-related conditions: cancer, stroke, heart disease, eye disease, dementia and diabetes.

A wide range of industry, charities and academic researchers will respond to this government consultation, but individuals can do so, too. As a former smoker, I will be submitting my views: we must protect our children and grandchildren from harm caused by tobacco and our National Health Service from the financial burden.

The details

The DHSC is consulting specifically about the following regulations:

The full consultation document can be found here:

A consultation on the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 and the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Products Regulations 2015

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