Using political consultants, British businesses can “flex their muscles in Brussels”

Brexit certainly doesn’t mean that the influence of British firms with the institutions of the European Union is reduced, indeed, by the use of political consultants, political lobbyists, public affairs consultants and trade associations, that influence can actually be enhanced – that is the message from a leading economist writing in a national newspaper.

Matthew Lynn, writing in the Business section of The Daily Telegraph, argues that by wisely using political consultants and lobbyists, it’s possible to ensure that “rules can be shaped for your industry and troublesome start-ups that might compete with you, squashed.”

To fill the gap left by no longer having the British government to lobby in Brussels, Lynn argues that “Lobbyists will have to do the job instead” and that “with the right budgets, paradoxically, British businesses can have more influence over EU rules now that we are out than when we were in” once they learn the rules of the game.

You can read the full text of Matthew Lynn’s article, here.

With the end of the transition period, there will be an increasing need to ensure UK based organisations are ably represented in Brussels to monitor and influence the policies and regulations that will help or hinder their growth in the future. Being in a position to understand the impact of the UK being a “3rd country” on key legislation and definitions will be vital to making decisions on where and on what to act. Similarly, the UK government will be in a position to review and repeal EU legislation that is seen as burdensome and that negatively affects industry and consumers.

As political consultants and communications advisors with a foot on both sides of the Channel, and with a long track record of shaping national and European policies and regulations in highly technical sectors as well as working with trade associations and their members, we are ideally placed to help. For more information on our EU work, please contact our Director of European Affairs, Viviana Spaghetti at