The duty of Catholics to engage in public life


Whitehouse Chairman, Chris Whitehouse, played a key role in organising a seminar for the Catholic Legislators’ Network, of which he is secretary, to examine the duty of Catholics to engage in public life, particularly politics.

“Politics is a noble profession, a true vocation, which should be acknowledged and promoted by the church hierarchy, just as we acknowledge the vocations of priests, nuns, doctors, nurses and teachers” Chris told the audience (44minutes in). “Engagement in public life is not optional for Catholics, it is a duty – a Catholic’s place is in their political party”.

Other speakers included Labour Member of Parliament, Mike Kane, Convenor of the Network, along with Leo Watson from Catholics for Labour and Frances Lasok from Catholics in the Conservative Party, and visiting Chair, Brenden Thompson from Catholic Voices. The audience of around 100 participants were drawn from both House of Parliament and all political parties.

The full video can be seen here.