Self-determination and what it means for Sikhs around the world: Towards a Punjab referendum

Join our special event on human rights and self-determination. 

Title: Self-determination and what it means for Sikhs around the world: Towards a Punjab referendum 

Date: 18th November, 1pm GMT 

We are delighted to invite you to attend a special online event on human rightsthe universal right to self-determination and how they both relate to Sikhs in Punjab. 

During this event, grassroots campaign group Sikhs for Justice will announce details of the historic non-governmental referendum which will allow Punjabi citizens and Sikhs worldwide – including in the UK – to express their desire for an independent Punjab state. This event will be broadcast through social media channels.

Speakers at the event include:
1) Brian McGleenon, a human rights journalist for the Daily Express who has written in defence of democracy and to amplify the voices of persecuted people.
2) Jatinder Singh Grewal, Director of International Policy at Sikhs for Justice.
3) Punjab Referendum commissioners, which includes Paul Jacob, a leading national figure in referendums and president of Citizens in Charge Foundation, Bruno Kaufmann, a journalist who has 30 years of experience in covering referendums and Professor Matt Qvortrup, a qualified lawyer and Professor of Political Science at Coventry University.

Attendees and other speakers will include parliamentarians, campaigners and journalists who will discuss human rights and the universal right to self-determination. 

There will also be an opportunity for speakers to respond to questions from attendees. 

To confirm your attendance at this event, please email

Organised on behalf of Sikhs for Justice.