It’s 2020 — why are we still debating whether period products are essential?

Our consultant Laura Coryton wrote an article for CityAM this week, dissecting Tesco’s confusion over whether period products should be considered ‘essential’ items, the Welsh Government’s response and why this fiasco warrants a wider conversations about sexism. She says:

“On Monday, while alcohol was vital enough to feature in a Tesco branch only providing essential items in Cardiff, period products were nowhere to be found.

The supermarket giant explained to a confused customer on Twitter that period products simply weren’t considered essential enough to be stocked for the duration of the fire break lockdown in Wales.

It is a disgrace that, in this time of crisis, we are still debating whether the needs of women matter.

Labelling period products as non-essential items, even by mistake, sends a worrying message to society that women either don’t matter or have been forgotten by policymakers.”

Read the full article in CityAM here.