The forced harvesting of human organs in China must be stopped.

The Whitehouse Consultancy is proud to have been working on a pro-bono political campaign with a group of Members of the House of Lords in an attempt to strengthen British law in preventing the import of human organs that may have been forcibly removed from political prisoners in China, supporting them with a lobbying, public affairs and media relations campaign.

Baroness Finlay, Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, Lord Alton and Lord Collins of Highbury have identified that the Medicines and Medical Devices Bill currently in the House of Lords, provides an opportunity to prevent British complicity in such crimes. In an article for the influential political news-site Politics Home, Baroness Finlay and Lord Hunt have set out the basis of their parliamentary campaign, saying:

“The Bill is intended to repatriate the regulation of medicines and medical devices following the end of the Brexit transition period. Its scope is broad and an amendment could be accepted to ensure ethics in the origin and treatment of human tissue and organs in the process of developing and manufacturing medicines. Such an amendment could give the authorities the means to ensure human body tissue and organs that have been forcibly harvested are not allowed to enter the UK for medicines or medical testing. If the government does not agree to bring forward its own amendment to the Bill to close these legislative gaps, then we will do so with extensive, cross-party support.”

 The full text of the article can be read here.

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