Webinar: How Trade Associations Can Help Your Campaign [FULL VIDEO]

Last Tuesday 9th June, the Whitehouse Consultancy were pleased to welcome Richard Phillips of the Association of British HealthTech Industries, David Hare of the Independent Healthcare Providers Network and Chris Whitehouse, Chair of the Urology Trade Association and Local Initiative Finance Trust Council to a discussion around the benefits of trade associations and the lessons that can be learned to make them more effective. A full video of the discussion can be found below.

This event was part of the Whitehouse Webinar series, providing communications, public affairs and public relations advice and expertise, featuring a range of communication experts from a range of backgrounds. Stay tuned for our next webinar by checking our website and following us on Twitter.

The Whitehouse Consultancy has decades of experience creating and managing national and international associations, not only in the United Kingdom, but also across the member states of the European Union. For more information, please contact our Chair, Chris Whitehouse, at chris.whitehouse@whitehousecomms.com.