Prime Minister

Andrzej Duda (Independent, since August 2015)

Mateusz Morawiecki (Law and Justice, since December 2017)

Population 37,972,812 (2019)
Size 312,679 km² (120,726 sq. miles)
MEPs 52 (joined the EU in 2004)
Next presidential election

Next legislative election



Presidency of the Council January-June 2025
Last meeting with Boris Johnson None held to date
Brexit priorities Poland has urged London to protect its 831,000 nationals in the UK following the murder of a 40-year-old Polish man. The country’s priority will be to secure the rights of those citizens currently residing in the UK.

Furthermore, Poland sees the UK as its key ally in pushing a tough line on Russia over its conflict with Ukraine and in defence cooperation. Poland wants to maintain its relationship with the UK as a powerful NATO partner.

As a recipient of EU funds, Poland’s concern will also be what happens to the EU budget after the UK – a large contributor – leaves.

The UK and Poland have been close allies in the EU for many years and very often saw eye to eye on issues related to the EU’s competences and the transition of powers from Member States to Brussels.

What Prime Minister Morawiecki said on Brexit


“[the EU’s] attitude must remain unequivocally supportive, for British citizens will then, in turn, be more inclined to be more responsive to Brussels.”

“The decision of the British people is not good for us, because it is causing the EU to disintegrate… Trade agreements, investments agreements, or even an agreement on the free movement of people, and especially agreements on contributions to the EU budget should take into account the interests of both sides… London will have to compromise on budget issues or the remaining freedoms.”

Poland’s priorities This Government has endured problems, both domestically and internationally, as its reforms of the constitutional court are considered to undermine democratic standards and the rule of law.  In July 2017, the government introduced three bills, a judiciary reform package, that will see all Supreme Court judges and judges on the National Judiciary Council removed and replaced by judges appointed by the Parliament. Critics say the independence of the judiciary is at stake, as the separation of powers will be diminished. The reforms have prompted protests from in and outside Poland. The European Commission has triggered Article 7, that, if approved, could temporarily strip Poland of its voting rights in the European Council.

More protests emerged when the Law and Justice party wanted to strengthen its rules on abortion practice.

Furthermore, Poland has been leading a group of Eastern-European countries that refuses to take in refugees from the Middle East, much to the dismay of many other EU countries.

Economically speaking, the Government seeks 4% of GDP growth this year.