Issues-led communications

At Whitehouse Communications we pride ourselves on developing bespoke strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and objectives.

We have vast experience and a huge breadth of knowledge in politics, PR, crisis management and events planning, so we have all the resources we need to develop the most effective strategies and solutions for you.

Whitehouse Communications is an integrated communications agency. We were formed in 1998 and are a member of the European Public Affairs Consultancies Association (EPACA). We work within a wide range of different sectors, providing services such as:

  • Public affairs
  • Political risk consulting, reputation management and crisis management
  • Media and communications
  • Public relations strategy
  • Event management
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Market access strategy

As well as having expertise and knowledge in all of these areas, Whitehouse is also very well connected across the national, local and specialist press. We also work with local, national and EU government, so we understand every facet of the political process and know how to talk to the right people at the right time, in the right way.

Honing a client's message

Here at Whitehouse Communications we understand that if a political risk can be anticipated, it can be measured. Our expert political campaign consultants also realise that if political risk can be measured, it can be managed. This ability to effectively manage political risk lies at the core of our political consulting campaigns.

Our achievements

Whitehouse Communications has worked hard to become a leading agency in the field. This is no groundless boast, as we’ve achieved many successes.

One of the achievements we are most proud of is our part in bringing the 2012 Olympic Games to London. We devised a strategy for the British Olympic Association (BOA), to help it convince the government to launch a London bid for the 2012 games. As we all know, that bid was successful and it all started with our expert advice and strategy.

The BOA undertook a major political lobbying exercise to convince government and opposition parties of the merits of launching a London bid for 2012 Olympic Games.

The political strategy required detailed planning and careful execution if it was to stand any chance of success. Whitehouse’s guidance in this respect was fundamental to the outcome… there is little doubt that without Whitehouse’s detailed understanding of Parliament and Whitehall and their excellent contacts that the project would have struggled to get off the ground.

Join our other satisfied clients

From our very first client, the British Olympic Association, back in 1998, Whitehouse has been building up an impressive list of delighted clients.

Many of our clients are so happy with our consultancy that they continue to work with Whitehouse Communications year after year. If you`d like to see what Whitehouse can do for you, contact us today.