Food and Public Health Communications Services

Whitehouse knows that done properly, public relations is a powerful tool that plays a significant part in helping you to achieve your objectives.

Food, Nutrition & Public Sector Communications:

Food and public health policies are fast-changing and continually developing, covered by an equally fluid and complex regulatory framework. Food labelling requirements and food hygiene standards are among many of the key regulations that have a direct impact on the industry and its consumers. 

Sustainability targets and public health issues such as obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption remain priorities for many governments, along with an increasingly urgent question of what the regulatory landscape will look like in the UK now that it has left the EU – which currently makes the majority of food legislation.

A Trusted Food & Public Health Communications Agency

Whitehouse’s expert teams will devise a narrative for your staff and stakeholders, ensuring you have a united voice. Our integrated communications services can be deployed at short notice and support both internal and external communications with all your stakeholders through to government relationships. 

Our services span the suite of communications disciplines from message preparation and counsel, emergency press team, social media management, stakeholder and government relations, political monitoring, internal communications and long-term reputation management.

We believe in advising our clients so that they can become communications specialists themselves, by actively making news rather than passively responding to it. A reactive approach is the foundation of all our communications and public relations campaigns and strategies. 

Why Whitehouse Communications?

Whitehouse works with our clients to create campaigns with authentic voices that generate positive public communication with their respective audiences. We support our clients by helping them understand the EU and UK food, nutrition, and public health sectors so that they can plan and implement an effective communications strategy. 

Our team is composed of past press advisers, Government Special Advisers, political party staff, campaigners, national and trade journalists, and EU and UK civil servants – you will benefit from the honest advice of an expert team who will work to make your issues their own.

We are not just another communications agency. Instead, we offer the full scope of digital communications and public relations services specific to the public health sector. We can be the eyes, ears and voice of your company online 24/7, can advise you on the best way to raise brand awareness, plus deliver traffic to your website and increase your online stakeholder engagement.