Nappy Alliance

Shifting government views on the environmental and financial benefits of reusable nappies.


The Nappy Alliance is a coalition of manufacturers and providers of reusable nappies which promotes the economic and environmental benefits of reusable nappies and greater consumer choice for new parents. Whitehouse acts as the Secretariat for the Nappy Alliance, driving support for reusables through an integrated political communications campaign.

Our strategy & Outcomes

Through a comprehensive stakeholder engagement and political monitoring programme, Whitehouse has helped the Nappy Alliance to influence key sustainability policy in the UK at regional, devolved and national levels, including local authority reusable nappy schemes, the Scottish Circular Economy Bill and the Welsh Beyond Recycling Consultation. In the previous Parliament, Whitehouse aided the Alliance in successfully gathering cross-party support for the Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill, which sought to establish environmental standards for nappies and promote reusables.


Whitehouse helps the Alliance to nurture and strengthen its relationships with key decisionmakers in Parliament through regular briefings, meetings and events, including party conference roundtables, to push the Alliance’s asks up the political agenda. Whitehouse helped the Nappy Alliance to secure commitments to promote reusables in post-election waste strategies from candidates during the 2019 General Election and local government elections, including the election for Mayor of London.