Low Carbon

Engaging with policymakers to increase investments in green energy


Low Carbon is a UK investment company, committed to the development of renewable energy infrastructure.

Strategy and outcomes

Whitehouse helped Low Carbon engage with UK government to ensure legislation and policy recognised the value of renewable technologies, to position Low Carbon at the centre of discussions around the future of green investment and to raise the profile of their fund with policy makers and potential investors.

Our work included building strong relationships with BEIS, HMT, 10 Downing Street and Ofgem; carrying out a series of roundtable events and private briefings with policy makers, academics, institutional investors and environmental influencers; and achieving wide-ranging media coverage across national, financial and trade press.

The Whitehouse team fully understand our issues and provide considered, strategic and tactical communications advice. This has added significant value – helping us to meaningfully engage in the policy process and raise our profile in the media at a national and local level.