CBD in Active Nutrition event

On 13th January 2020, The Whitehouse Consultancy and Legal Foods will be hosting a unique event to discuss past, present and future challenges surrounding the use of CBD in active nutrition. The event will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London and will be chaired by Shane Starling, journalist, analyst and communications specialist.

Key industry experts from the US, Canada and Europe will gather to provide participants with an overview of the legal status of this substance across the globe and what the market for CBD will look like in the near future. The event will also provide attendees with the perfect platform to network with top industry players and experts in the field to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in the commercialisation of this substance.

Confirmed speakers include Dr Douglas Kalman, Erica W. Stump, Peter Wennström, Austen Stevenson and Dr Mark J Tallon. A detailed programme will be made available shortly.

We would love to count you among the participants of the event. Please note that the number of places is limited, so we encourage you to purchase your tickets before they sell out!

We really hope to see you there, and we are available for any questions you may have. For more information, please contact andrea.solana@whitehousecomms.com

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