5 Reasons Why: Whitehouse and Brexit

If your business or organisation operates within the health, food, nutrition, and hospitality industries, imports from Europe or hires overseas workers, Brexit will undoubtedly have a great impact. Amid political uncertainty, it is essential to stay on top of developments, but it is extremely difficult to make sense of the ever-changing political forecast. Having your own dedicated Brexit consultancy team to help assess the impact Brexit, whether deal or no deal, and the effect that will have on your organisation’s future, means you can focus on the other things that matter.

We have outlined five reasons why The Whitehouse Consultancy are the go-to team when looking for world-class, award-winning, consulting on the UK and EU’s biggest political issue:

1)      Dedicated EU Team

With offices in London and Brussels, our expert EU team have unparalleled knowledge of European Union policy processes and boast a wide-range of key connections across EU institutions. Fluent in Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Romanian, our consultants have direct access to key influencers and stakeholders who have the ability to affect real change with measurable results.

2)      Integrated campaigns and event management

From the get-go our team of Brexit consultants can plan, implement and monitor fully integrated campaigns across multiple disciplines. Whether public affairs, PR, social media, event management, insight-driven digital campaigning or crisis communications, multi-faceted skills and unwavering commitment to deliver results is embedded into The Whitehouse Consultancy’s ethic.

3)      Expert writing and analysis

Our Brexit consultants have worked with some of the largest and most influential trade bodies and associations within the EU. From penning press releases and articles to producing white papers and report analysis, we can, uniquely, provide both UK and EU perspectives, insights and strategies to produce research and writing that has the power to influence decision-making, form opinion and cement you as an expert on Brexit in your field.

4)      Cross-sector insight

Our UK and EU teams are proven experts in steering industry regulation and understanding the long-term impact of international politics. They work seamlessly together over nine sectors including: education, energy and environment, the European Union, finance and regulation, food and nutrition, health and social care, housing and infrastructure, media, and welfare. This gives us an unmatched clarity and great scope of insight, across the EU and United Kingdom.

5)      Ethics

The Whitehouse Consultancy prides itself on a strict code of conduct which sets us apart from the unsavoury lobbying and lobbyist practices of the past. We are governed by the Statutory Registrar of Commercial Lobbyist sand rigorously uphold the highest ethical standards in all our activities. Whitehouse is also a member of the Public Relations Consultants’ Association (PRCA) which maintains a Code of Conduct for its members and is a guarantee that member companies abide by high ethical standards. So you can trust us to get the job done to the highest standards, both in ethics and in ability.

 To find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email Jake at jake.johnstone@whitehousecomms.com.