Home Secretary faces questions on immigration numbers

Amber Rudd MP, the new Home Secretarty and a leading figure in the Remain campaign, has announced measures to reduce immigration in a speech at the Conservative Party Conference. Ms Rudd was under pressure to set out plans to reduct immigration afterin David Cameron’s government was heavily criticised for failing to meet its target of reduce immigration into the UK below 100,000 people per year. New Prime Minister Theresa May has given assurances her government will address migration, although without imposing specific timelines or targets.

Ms Rudd clarified at a fringe event that in reducing immigration, “we don’t mind so much about the numbers. We want to make sure we have got control.” However, Ms Rudd is expected to face difficulties in securing the support of vocal Conservative backbenchers without challenging the legacy of Mrs May, her predecessor as Home Secretary. The remarks of the Prime Minister in recent days suggest it will be controls on immigration that will prevail over access to the Single Market when the UK set out its negotiating position for the withdrawal from the EU.