Health Committee launches Brexit health and social care inquiry

The Health Select Committee has invited written submissions on the priorities for health and social care in Brexit negotiations. Having received a wide range of evidence on what areas affect this policy area through the pre-referendum inquiry into the impact of EU membership on health and social care, the Committee now wants to know what issues to prioritise.

Specifically, the committee is asking for:

  • Views on the risks and opportunities for health and social care from Brexit
  • How the Government can mitigate risk and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the negotiations.

Submissions are advised to address matters for which the Secretary of State for Health is responsible for, which include all areas of health policy, financial control and oversight of NHS delivery and performance, mental health and patient safety. Comments are also welcome on other matters that have implications for health and social care in England but where the Health Secretary does not have responsibility, such as free movement of labour and the single market.

The Committee emphasises that the inquiry does not seek to cover all of the health and social care issues that will arise from Brexit negotiations: the inquiry’s main aim is to find out the priority issues  for the negotiations. In terms of approach, the Committee may use a ‘case study’ approach through detailed oral evidence sessions to evaluate implications for health and social care. The committee has asked for suggestion on areas it should look at if it decides to take this approach. Examples of areas include EU Directives, policy areas and institutions.

Submissions must be submitted by Friday 28th October and should not exceed 3000 words.