Downing Street: No MP vote on EU exit

10 Downing Street has dismissed assertions of a House of Lords report calling for a vote by MPs and peers prior to the UK triggering Article 50 and beginning the formal process of leaving the EU.

The House of Lords constitution committee had insisted that a parliamentary vote was required to trigger Article 50. But, in a move that will maintain the Government’s confidential negotiating stance and prevent MPs from blocking the move towards the Brexit, the Prime Minister’s spokesperson has confirmed no such vote will take place.

“The Government has set out clearly its position, which is that this is a decision for Government. Both Houses of Parliament decided to put the decision about whether or not we remain a member of the EU in the hands of the British people. We now need to get on with delivering that decision.”

The dismissal of the House of Lords report will ensure Downing Street retains control over the negotiation process, although limiting opportunities for Remain campaigners to scupper any triggering of Article 50.