Whitehouse at Great British Beer Festival in support of Action for M.E.

Action for M.E., the UK’s leading charity for people affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis and The Whitehouse Consultancy’s pro bono client for 2015-16, has been chosen as the official charity of the Great British Beer Festival 2015.

Action for M.E.’s mission is to empower people with M.E. to fulfil their potential and secure the care and support they need, while working towards a greater understanding of the illness and ultimately finding a cure.

Whitehouse is currently working with the organisation to push M.E. up the health and social care agenda and to communicate the needs of people with M.E. to parliamentarians. Whitehouse staff are also volunteering at the festival this week to help raise awareness of M.E. and funds for the charity.

Sonya Chowdhury, CEO, Action for M.E., said:

“M.E. steals lives. Those living with this chronic, disabling disease are often forced to give up work and are unable to spend time with friends and family. Accessing support services is a post-code lottery, and many people become isolated and ignored. There needs to be greater public awareness and understanding of this disease, along with more research and improvements to services”

“That’s why we are so excited to be the official charity for the Great British Beer Festival 2015, where we can help thousands of festival-goers see M.E. differently, and understand its serious impact.”

“We are enormously grateful to The Whitehouse Consultancy volunteers, who will work alongside us at the festival, helping raise awareness of M.E. and encouraging festival-goers to donate to stop M.E. stealing lives. Thank you to you all.”

Find Action for M.E. on Facebook and Twitter.