Whitehouse launches tool for young voters

Westminster-based political communications and media relations agency The Whitehouse Consultancy has re-launched an online tool, de-mob, that aims to encourage young voters to engage with the issues that affect them ahead of the May General Election.

De-mob, which stands for democratic mobilisation, includes bite-sized, unbiased information of the seven main parties’ positions on policies that affect young voters in the UK. It provides voters with accessible information to help them make an informed decision on May 7th. The online tool, which was first launched ahead of the 2010 General Election, is also supplemented by a Facebook and Twitter account to encourage all voters to share and discuss their views.

De-mob can be accessed at www.de-mob.co.uk.

Helen Munro, Managing Director of the Whitehouse Consultancy, said:

“De-mob once again is designed to be a relevant one-stop-shop on the policies that’ll affect our everyday lives. Our ambition is to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election – far too many young people choose not to use their vote, and we want to support them to make informed decisions via de-mob, which makes politics a bit easier to navigate and understand.

“It is crucial that the country’s young voters know that the more we get involved in politics, the more accountable we make politicians, and the more our world around us reflects who we are.”

For further information or comment from Helen Munro please contact Mayar Raouf (020 7463 0698 / Mayar.Raouf@whitehousecomms.com).