Why the young are the new poor

A new report from the Joseph Roundtree Foundation has concluded that young people and those in work are more likely to be in poverty than pensioners – with as many people from working families suffering poverty as the unemployed.

The stark conclusion has been made in the Foundation’s annual report, which has claimed that zero hours contracts and insecure employment, along with increased levels of part-time work and low-paid self-employment, are fueling poverty levels amongst the young and employed. The Joseph Roundtree Foundation has also noted that young people are at greater risk of eviction and homelessness due to higher levels of renting brought about by a lack of affordable housing.

In contrast, the Foundation claims pensioners have benefited from a number of targeted policies, with over-65s now having the lowest levels of poverty of any age group within the UK population.

The findings will again highlight the targeting of the policies of the political parties at pensioners, whose votes will be critical in determining the outcome of the General Election in 2015.