Lib Dems want total control of key ministries

The Liberal Democrats are drawing up plans in anticipation of a coalition after the General Election in May. And, according to reports in the number of the national newspapers this morning, this includes the suggestion that there should be a number of ‘Lib Dem only’ ministries.

According to The Times, the ministries being looked at by the Lib Dems are the Department for Transport, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

The suggestion highlights the potential for a hung parliament following the General Election, and also underlines the thinking of party strategists. Their analysis is that having a number of ‘Lib Dem only’ ministries would allow the party to consolidate its resources rather than being stretched across various other government departments.

Under the plans, the Party’s leader would continue to be Deputy Prime Minister and one of the secretaries of state. A senior Lib Dem would also hold a position in the Cabinet Office to oversee coalition relations.