The new European Commission took office on Saturday, November 1st – the five year terms begins!

The new European Commission led by the Luxembourg’s veteran Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker took office this Saturday. As Europe faces a host of political and economic challenges, a lot is expected from this Commission, which makes the fact that it is already quite unpopular in certain parts of Europe all the more unfortunate. Many remain bemused by the composition of Juncker’s team approved by the European Parliament on October 22nd, with personalities such as Pierre Moscovici, the former Finance Minister in France – who failed to bring France’s deficit below the agreed 3 per cent limit – now in charge of economic and financial affairs, or the until recently rather unknown Jonathan Hill of the UK who will lead on financial services and capital markets.

Whether liked or not, this new team will however have to deal with the many challenges and crises faced by the European Union, including the faltering economy with near-record unemployment, the Ukrainian crisis, climate change, Britain’s relationship with Europe or the controversial transatlantic partnership – to name just a few.

The new European Commission and its priorities can be found here.